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Welcome to Future Self Dreaming

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

(1st youtube presentation)

This is my introduction to Future Self Dreaming. A project whereby initially I’m going to give some talks related to areas of consciousness exploration that include the realms of

Psychology, Spirituality, Synchronicity, Sacred Geometry, Shamanism, Sexuality and Psychedelics.

Over many years of facilitating personal development workshops around the world incorporating the ceremonial application of Sacred Geometry, I’ve had the opportunity to share with groups and individuals some of my own personal stories of initiations and awakening that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience. What I have found in sharing these stories at appropriate occasions is that, although they are my own personal journey, the reason I share them is that there is a transpersonal message that is conveyed by communicating them. What is meant by that is that the themes that I’m sharing cross the boundaries of my own personal identity and touch and resonate with something that we can all relate to, even if some of the experiences are outside of the realm of what people imagine possible.

In this sense, I know an aspect of myself as a teacher through being a story teller. There is wisdom and medicine to be found in sharing and listening to story and the themes that are conveyed with one another.

Some of you may be familiar with of the profound body of work compiled by the late great mythologist Joseph Campbell. There are many books and lectures you can find by Joseph Campbell. Some of these include The Power of Myth, Transformations of Myth through Time and The Hero with a thousand Faces. One of the key elements that Campbell identified through investigating myths from cultures all around the world is that a common theme can be found amongst them all. This became known by Campbell as the Mono-Myth…..The one great myth….That identifies an archetypal pattern or Template for all great stories throughout cultures across time.

This theme within the MonoMyth became known as the Hero’s Journey. This Hero’s journey is embedded within myth, story telling, literature, theatre, movies and art, and reminds us of the journey beyond the limitations of our known world into the mystery, that we all must take if we are seeking growth, liberation and connection with our authentic, sovereign selves.

More will be explained about the hero’s journey through ongoing Future Self Dreaming presentations.

My own initiatory experiences that I will share, awakened to some degree in me, the memory of an aspect of self that may be termed or referred to in a multitude of ways.

Some might call it the multidimensional self, others the higher self, some religions may call it the soul, or the holy guardian angel, literary and artistic genius may refer to it as The Muse, shamanic traditions may term it the Nagual.

Regardless of the terminology that we use, to attempt to describe and translate this aspect of ourselves using linguistics may not really do it justice. However, it is an aspect of ourselves, of our consciousness that exists beyond the limitations of the bandwidth of consciousness that we could describe as duality, whereby opposites are seen in conflict with one another rather than experienced as part of an interconnected and interdependent whole. It’s a part of ourselves that transcends the limitations of time and space. It is that aspect of ourselves that these presentations and future offerings are aimed at putting us more deeply in touch with.

So, Initially I intend to share some of my own stories along with giving some context for them in terms of a branch of psychology and philosophy known as transpersonal psychology and spiritual emergence. And once I’ve had the opportunity to share some of these encounters with you, I’m looking forward to exploring the wisdom of a great number of people at the top of the game that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with along my own journey, and to interview them so as to share the gifts they have to offer.

I’m looking forward to the organic growth that will no doubt be provided through whatever my future self dreaming is inspired to share in these episodes and my intention is that it may be of some value to your own journey and personal growth.

In concluding this introduction I’ll leave you with a quote from psychologist Carl Jung:

"An old alchemist gave the following consolation to one of his disciples: “No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you.”

And with that I look forward to meeting unknown friends through our shared Future Self Dreaming

For more information on Counselling sessions, visit the contact page on the website

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