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Awaken to the Morning Star

Welcome to Future Self Dreaming. My name is Karlos Kukulcan.

In the last presentation I shared an unusual near death experience that I had in my early twenties and framed this death and rebirth encounter in terms of the concept of spiritual emergence developed by one of the founders of transpersonal psychology Stanislov Grof. I also introduced the work of philosopher Robert Anton Wilson in his book “Cosmic Trigger” as well as Pleiadian material in “Bringers of the Dawn” channeled by Barabara Marciniak and introduced my first encounter with Sacred Geometry and the human light body referred to as the Merkaba in the work of Drunvalo Melchidek in “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”.

Today of wanted to continue expanding on some of my own adventures in synchronicity and non-ordinary reality during this awakening point in my early twenties. In light my fascination with topics of an extraterrestrial phenomena in literature such as that I just mentioned, the memory of a significant event during my childhood kept surfacing in my awareness.

When I was perhaps nine or ten years old, there had been a night where I had stayed at the home of a childhood friend named Alan. Both of our parents were school teachers and during my primary school years, each afternoon, he and I would wait with our sisters after school for our parents to come and pick us up, usually while playing handball together. We had also been on sporting teams and spent quite a lot of time together, however, this was the only night that I ever stayed at his family home.

During the night that I stayed, I shared Alan’s room I distinctly remember that in the early hours of the morning, pre-dawn, we both woke up and sat upright in a beds to stare out the window at a very bright star in the night sky. It was so bright that it had woken us both up, and seemingly in some type of telepathic transmission, it conveyed to me that it was known as “The Morning Star”. Shortly there after we fell back to sleep and woke up again after sunrise.

Now in the years after this encounter, I recall remembering wondering when I would once again encounter this amazing star. I remember as a boy occasionally staying up past midnight when my parents where at parties and wondered whether I would again see the Morning Star.

So as my growing fascination with topics such as extra-terrestrials or inter-dimensional beings continued, along with related information about encounters with UFO’s and global conspiracies about alternate ideas about the origins of humanity and the ancient history of manipulation of human perception throughout time, this encounter that I’d had as a young boy with the Morning Star persisted in imposing its relevance in my life through an intuitive calling. I wondered whether it had been some type of alien abduction encounter or was somehow related to this mysterious concept of the Merkaba, the electromagnetic fields of the human lightbody or space/time consciousness travelling vehicle that I’d been studying about in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life and the Keys of Enoch.

When I began researching what the Morning Star was I discovered that it was a term for the planet Venus and that there were also many references to the Morning Star in biblical texts to both Jesus and Lucifer at times being referenced as the Morning Star. Other references also related to the Mayan and Aztec culture in relation to their respective gods Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl identified these with the a story of them becoming the Morning Star. In future presentations I’ll share a lot more about my discoveries of these terms and references in light of further initiations that the Light of the Morning Star guided me through.

In following my intuition about the Morning Star and wanting to know more about the encounter I’d had as a child, I decided that I needed to make contact with the other boy who I’d shared this encounter with named Alan. His family had relocated from the town we had grown up around the time I attended high school and so during a phone conversation with my mother I asked if she happened to know where they my have gone. Interestingly, although I was now living 7 hours drive from where I’d grown up when I relocated to attended university, my mother informed me that she thought they’d moved to a town that was about an hour away from my current location. I went through the phone book and called all the numbers with the same last name as him but had no success.

Several weeks later during another phone call with my mother, she informed me that she was at a function and had run into a person who was friends with this boys family. She had told me that his father was now working for this person in a sports store that they owned in the town I was now living which just happened to be across the road from the shop where I was teaching music. I was surprised by this stroke of good fortune or synchronicity and decided to go into the store the following day to visit the boys father and find out where he now resided. To my utter surprise when I went into the sports store I discovered that it was not the boys father who worked there but was my childhood friend Alan himself. It had been about 14 years since we had seen each other and we would not have recognised each other as adults. Another surprise was that he also worked in another sports store in another town half an hour away where I also taught music in a shop three doors down. So for several years we had actually been in very close proximity to one another without knowing until I searched for him.

After a brief reacquaintance, I told him that it was probably going to sound strange but that the reason that I had tracked him down was because of the experience that we had shared and that I didn’t really have a reference point for it and was wanting to understand if it was some type of alien abduction or ufo encounter. Although he did not have any recollection of the event, he did tell me that he recalled his mother had been fascinated with strange lights that she had witnessed flying around the mountain they lived on.

Although this reconnection was synchronous and astonishing, I still did not feel resolved or had had my curiosity satisfied with what this encounter with the Morning Star had been as a child. And as I continued to learn more about Sacred Geometry and the activation of the Merkaba, I was positive it had something to do with that. After reading the Ancient Secret of Flower of Life, I decided that I needed a trained instructor to help me learn the meditation process.

During another discussion with my mother on the phone, she told me about a friend of hers from university named Patricia who had purchased a retreat property near a town called Maleny in QLD Australia near an area called the glasshouse mountains, which was three hours drive from where I lived. My mum suggested I would love it there and so I made a trip to go and visit. When I arrived at the retreat and walked around to explore the place I began to notice that all around were hanging sacred geometric structures and I was again completely surprised to find that Patricia was a facilitator of the workshop called the ancient secret of the flower of life, which was what I had been reading about recently and with no conscious effort of my behalf to find a facilitator to learn how to practice this meditation practice for activating the Merkaba, synchronicity had continued to open the path.

Several weeks later I attended the workshop with Patricia and a small group of attendees to learn more about sacred geometry and learn the Merkaba meditation, a visualisation and breathing technique designed to activate the electromagnetic fields of the human lightbody known as the Merkaba and connect an individual with their higher selves.

During this workshop Patricia helped me connect lots of pieces of the puzzle in relation to my angelic connection to Michael or the ancient order of the priesthoods of Mi/ka/el or Michael/Zadok. Otherwise known as Melchidek. She had me question whether this presence of Michael was actually me, which had not occurred to me at the time but also felt correct.

The Christ encounter of awakening my heart chackra that I’d had with the angel ascension course and the near death experience gained greater significance for me when practicing the Merkaba meditation, as at a specific point in this practice the Christ Consciousness or Universal Heart energy is activated within the heart centre, and having had this energetic opening during the Angel Ascension Course through the Near Death Encounter had given my body a reference point for this experience.

It was at the completion of this workshop that I strongly felt the impulse and calling to learn to facilitate these Flower of Life workshops and so Patricia informed me that to become a facilitator there were advanced trainings that needed to be attended with the Flower of Life organis

ation. I wasted no time in finding out the details of when the next advanced trainings were taking place and soon set about booking myself my first round the world flights to attend the next Seed of Life training in the USA as well as a three week visit to Egypt, a country that’s ancient history had long fascinated me that had been at the top of my list of destinations to visit for some time and was now of particular interest to me because of the Flower of Life Sacred Geometry material.

And with that decision, little did I know at the time that I’d set in motion a series of initiations that was forever going to alter my perception of reality. And which I will share in the next presentations of Future Self Dreaming.

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In Lakech

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